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Director | Writer | Producer | Editor
25 min | Drama, Thriller | 2021 
Short Film, Trailer (Above)

Director of Photography: Reuben Kleiner

Starring: Leo DeFriend and Gys de Villiers

Unfolding much like an allegory, Wake follows a Man (Leo DeFriend) in two spirling narratives as he descends into a maelstrom of strange and surreal events. In one, he finds himself chained to a deserted beach, digging for an escape, but uncanny forces seem to block him at every pass. In the other, he’s haunted by a twisted sitcom version of his life being broadcast on an old television. Led by a mysterious Fisherman (Gys de Villiers), the Man excavates a torturous past that he’s forced to reckon with.

Press kit available here.

WAKE_Movie_Poster_12.09.19_v2 SM.tif

Poster designed by Salvatore DellAquila

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